Your Home Addition Specialist on the Central Coast

Have you outgrown your current home but love your neighbourhood? Reaching the point where your beloved home no longer fits your growing needs can be challenging. GH Building, the Central Coast’s home addition specialist, is the right choice to help grow your home.

As a family-operated business that’s part of the Central Coast community, we understand the importance of maintaining the warmth of your current home while expanding its space. At GH Building, we specialise in creating home additions that are extensions of your lifestyle.

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Tailored Home Additions to Suit Your Lifestyle

At GH Building, we understand that your home is more than just walls and a roof; it’s where life happens. That’s why we create home additions that fit perfectly with your life. Need an extra room for a new family member? Or maybe a spacious entertaining zone to hang out with friends? Or a quiet corner for working from home? We’ve got you covered.

We make sure these new parts of your home feel like they’ve always belonged there, seamlessly matching your style and tastes. Our team – builders and designers alike – will work with you closely to create the perfect Central Coast home addition.

We’ll listen to what you want, figure out what you need, and bring it to life. It’s not just about adding space; it’s about making your home feel like your own.

Why Choose a Home Addition?

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Our Home Addition Process

  • Understanding Your Vision: We align the addition with your lifestyle needs and aesthetic preferences.
  • Structural Assessment: We evaluate your home’s foundation and walls for a safe and integrated addition.
  • Space Utilisation: We maximise utility within the constraints of space and property boundaries.
  • Local Regulations Compliance: We navigate building codes and obtain necessary permits for legal compliance for you.
  • Environmental Considerations: We design with the environment and community aesthetics in mind.
  • Budget and Timeframe: We establish a clear, realistic budget and timeframe for project completion.
  • Flexibility for Future Changes: We create adaptable designs for evolving needs and preferences.
See our 5-Step Process here

Why Choose GH Building for Your Home Additions?

Start Your Home Addition Journey Today

No matter your location in the Central Coast, GH Building is here to help you build a luxurious lifestyle. Contact us today to discuss your home addition needs and embark on the journey to enhance your living space.

Our Locations

Located in Toukley, we service all major suburbs in the Central Coast, including:

  • Bateau Bay
  • Killarney Vale
  • Shelly Beach
  • Long Jetty
  • Berkeley Vale
  • Noraville
  • Wyong